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  • AFRICAN BASIL | Ingredient Index

      Also known as clove basil, wild basil, alfavaca - African basil is used in food as a condiment and part of herbal medicines in Africa and Asia. ...
  • PUMPKIN SEED | Ingredient Index

      Part used: Seed, Oil Find in our: 1. Pumpkin Seed Beldi Face Scrub  
  • SHEA BUTTER | Ingredient Index

    Growing for over 300 years, the Karite or Shea tree has been revered in African communities over millennia for its bountiful properties. Two sub...
  • FRANKINCENSE | Ingredient Index

    Frankincense has held a special place in ancient societies, an aromatic tree sap with near mystical properties used for millenia in folk medic...
  • CASTOR | Ingredient Index

    Parts used: Oil Also known as: COGA MACON (Acholi), LIBONO (Lunyore), MBONO /MBARIKA (Swahili), MBONU (Taita), MWRIKI (Meru), ODAGWA (Luo), MBARIK...
  • COCONUT | Ingredient Index

    Coconut oil and milk is used in our soap, hair and body formulations for its versatility and unique moisturizing properties!
  • CARROT | Ingredient Index

    Native to North Africa, Western Asia and Europe, carrots are nutritional powerhouses of anti-oxidant, inflammatory and anti-aging compounds.  Pa...
  • ALOE VERA | Ingredient Index

    There are over 350 varieties of aloe vera around the world, 42 of which are found in Madagascar. It is reported as the oldest medicinally used pla...
  • COCOA | Ingredient Index

    Parts used: Seed Found in our: 1. Rose Flower Lotion Bar 2. Lavender Flower Lotion Bar 3. Cocoa Bean Stout & Oats Soap
  • CHAMOMILE | Ingredient Index

    Used in: 1. Pumpkin Seed Beldi Face Scrub
  • TURMERIC | Ingredient Index

    Parts used: Root Turmeric is a plant whose roots are used for food and medicine. It is thought to possess health benefits through its antioxidant,...
  • MORINGA | Ingredient Index

    Moringa is an extremely beneficial plant containing essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phytochemicals that can be extracted for cosmetic and culinary use.