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Also known as clove basil, wild basil, alfavaca - African basil is used in food as a condiment and part of herbal medicines in Africa and Asia. The ocimum gratissimum is part of Ayuverdic medicine known as Tulsi (Holy Basil), which also consists of additional plants from the Ocimum (basil) species family. It is also known as: 

  • Mukandu in Kamba
  • Ebe-amwonkho in Edo
  • Tchayo in Fon
  • Dogosui in Ewe
  • Efirin in Yoruba
  • Tamwṍtswã́gi in Nupe
  • Añyeba in Igala
  • Daidoya in Hausa
  • Nchuanwu also Arimu in Igbo
  • Ntong in Ibibio, Efik
  • Kunudiri in Okrika
  • Nunum in Akan
  • Nunu Bush in Jamaica (from the Akan language)
  • Yerba di holé in Papiamento
  • Fobazen in Haiti
  • Scent leaves in Nigeria and in the African diaspora
  • Mujaaja in Uganda

Parts used: Flower

We use African Basil in our Black Magic hair products:

  1. Ndevu Beard Growth Balm 
  2. Black Magic Deep Conditioning Hair Mask 
  3. Black Magic Hair Oil 



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