Your Skin Temperament: How Your Skin Changes During the Month

We know about skin types - oily, dry, combination - but what about its temperament?

Some days, my skin feels smooth and even. Other days it's a combination of dry and oily patches. During certain times of the month, I get pimples in weird places i.e. under my eyebrows, on my chin - it’s a trip. While I generally classify myself having combination skin, there are definite days when I am at one extreme or the other. 

An incorrect assumption I had while younger was that my skin issues would completely resolve in adulthood. Cue my surprise and dismay when the pimples and acne still made their appearance. I thought it made me appear childish! After all, grown folks have flawless skin.  I later realized this was as part of a major marketing engine for makeup, concealers, airbrush - no one really looks like it in pictures. Not even me!

Tracking my skin’s temperament has helped me feel less unprepared. I know to pay more attention to my skin routine during its ornery days - extra hydration and gentle exfoliation, and to let it shine naturally when it’s at it best - some days a face mist is just right for the day. I feel more in control of what my body is doing, and how to respond to its needs through natural products. That’s a win for me!

What’s your skin temperament? 

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