Tips for Hair Health

No matter where you are in your journey, the following guidelines remain true for all those who are looking to foster healthy, nourished and strengthened hair.

Get into your hair

The fear that comes with tackling natural hair for the first time is understandable. Especially if you’ve grown up used to salons and expert family braiders. Handling your own hair handles a great deal of patience, love and responsibility. But the results of your own labor are so rewarding!

Take time out to educate yourself on quality products for your specific needs. Terms like pattern ( i.e. 4A, 3C) and porosity (i.e. medium porosity) have been used extensively in hair culture and industry. They are super helpful in identifying the right products to use! Websites like NaturallyCurly provide amazing resources, tutorials and quizzes to help you learn quickly.

You are what you eat

Drink lots of water healthy fruits and vegetables. They contain all natural essentials - Vitamins C,A,E etc. which make their way through the body. Vitamins, micronutrients and trace minerals provide the necessary building blocks for growing and maintaining healthy hair. Without a healthy internal foundation, maintaining hair health will be an uphill task.

Hydrate and lock in moisture

Hydration is the open secret to soft and manageable hair. Water, honey, glycerin, natural plant gels all help make sure that your hair strands remain pliable and can easily absorb healthy nutrients.


It’s so tempting to play with our hair and make it bend to our will. But like a cat, your hair needs peace to grow. Avoid pulling at it, twist or plait during the critical 24 hours post-wash so your hair can recover and strengthen. When left alone, your hair will grow!

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