Protective Styles and Tips for Natural Hair

Just because you have natural hair does not mean that you cannot have a fun or easy experience.

For many of us especially with tight curls, keeping hair stretched, adequately conditioned and moisturized on a daily basis can become taxing to your time, emotions and wallet.

As much as I love Bantu knots, twist-outs and other fun creations, most of the time I would just love to set and forget.

Enter protective styles. Starting from simple cornrows to advanced installations, these styles are all geared towards:

  • low hair manipulation: excess combing and manipulation can tear out new growth or give little breathing room for your hair to rest and grow
  • growth: leaving your hair alone is one thing all natural hair experts recommend. Like a watched pot that never boils, daily fussing rarely does any good
  • protection from elements: some people prefer protective styles to keep hair sealed from the environment. Whether work (i.e. construction) or season related (i.e. winter), keeping your hair under wraps is necessary



This is one we all grew up with in salons and homes. If done well, the three stranded rows hold tight and keep moisture locked in.

However, it is often exposed to elements such as dust and wind which can impact the neatness of your rows in 2-3 weeks. 

For best maintenance, get them expertly done! Always remember to keep your scalp moisturized to prevent dryness. 

Braids, Weaves & Crochets


Hair extensions such as braids, weaves and crochets have become a favorite protective style that is versatile and wearable both at home and the professional setting.

Senegalese twists, Sangita, afro kinky... the list goes on and on. Your hair is in this case, tied up through cornrows, cap, or tied up with extension as is the case with braids.

While a great alternative, braids can be detrimental to hair growth if installed incorrectly. So many have experienced thinning edges from tight installations, hair loss from taking them down incorrectly, and severe build up from lack of maintenance.

These styles are great for 8-12 weeks, after which they should definitely come down.


Wigs have increased in quality over the years, with styles ranging from straight to kinky, 1B black to multicolored,  and inventions such as invisible lace fronts which blend so well into the scalp that it should be termed a modern invention.

With your hair firmly protected, you can change hairstyles every hour, to match your mood and style. They can be expensive however, with human hair wigs selling for as much as $1000!

No matter what style you decide on, it is important to find a style that works for your lifestyle, budget and hair journey. 

Make sure you have your hair maintenance essentials! Our African Hair Mask with Chebe provides great deep conditioning to get you started. Afterwards, Black Magic Hair Oil & Leave in Conditioner with Rosemary & Carrot can be applied on your scalp and extensions to keep them conditioned and fresh every day.

Happy Hair Journey!

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